About Me
Certified Mindset Coach
and UI Mentor
David is a Caregiver’s Coach. Since the year 2007 he has spent years studying the human condition and honing his skills as a Mindset Coach. He is an accomplished artist, photographer and published author of the book "Chains On The Brain- Releasing Self-Imposed Limits. He created an artistic photo series of the same name that has toured the country and been seen worldwide. He’s a student of transcendental meditation and continually working on certifications in the field of life coaching. Most recently he has traveled to Australia and completed his certification as an UI Mentor.  He is also a member of the Foundation Coaching Group and looking forward to doing amazing things with them.

"My passion is to help as many people as I can recognize the beauty in them as well as in the world. We all have challenges, but, at the same time, we all have amazing talents and capabilities. My most recent focus is to fine tune a program for caregivers. I have been associated with some amazing caregivers in my lifetime. Their selfless giving and dedication can take a devastating tole on them. And that doesn't need to happen.

"Caregivers are amazing people. And their wellness is important. No matter if it was a chosen profession or a responsibility taken on out of pure desire or necessity, they are some of the Supermen and Superwomen of our society.  I believe all super-heroes should have an opportunity to take off their capes, sometimes, if only for a minute and recharge themselves. I offer that opportunity in a safe space that is conducive to renewing their energies and spirit."


Take a look at what people are saying.......

"David has a very solid and down to earth energy. I feel very grounded in his presence. After our session I'm very clear of what I need to focus on in my own personal and spiritual development. He has been very helpful." --
-L. Gray

"After one UI session with David, I felt a much greater sense of confidence and ease. I wanted confirmation about my business and he was able to describe the dynamic that was slowing me down and what would help me move forward. He was able to tune right into the essence of the issue. The messages he conveyed really resonated and I could feel myself opening and relaxing. My ability to trust and move forward with my business and my marriage feels much more solid. He is definitely very gifted and brings amazing wisdom, depth and experience to his work."

"I had an amazing session, the precision of the information is mind blowing and true, it's amazing how the limiting beliefs in the back of our mind are holding us down in life. Keep doing what you do because people need that service in their life" -
-Noam G.

"For some time I've had difficulty sleeping. I think when you are a writer, it's difficult for the brain to shut down. After my consultation with David Goff, I began to implement one of the techniques he recommended... and I began to eXperience the ability to sleep more peacefully and for long periods of time. What a difference sleep makes. Thank you, David Goff, you are my miracle worker."

Who does the “Go To Person” go to for help? That was me recently. I found myself drowning in grief and guilt from my past. I contacted David not really knowing what to expect but definitely knowing that I needed help. He was there to assist me in emerging from the dark hole that I had dug for myself. For years, I put on a brave face in order to help others, but was tormented by my own secrets. David helped me to look at my past as a vehicle to excel my future. And I am excited about each new adventure in every new day. I can't Thank You enough, David!
-- Jo S.